Les Subsistances
Curation : J.E Rosnet
Wed. 11, 6:30pm — 9:00pm
Thu. 12 — Sun. 15, 2:00pm — 7:00pm
Nadya Suvorova

illusionist puzzle game on the red planet

In the early 20th century, a small glitch fuelled collective imaginaries and gave a decisive boost to the development of science fiction culture. The canali discovered by Italian scientist Giovanni Schiaparelli were mistranslated as “canals”, implying these were manufactured artefacts that proved the existence of life on Mars. Although Schiaparelli later claimed that these channels were an illusion due to a faulty telescope, this misinterpretation had already grown to be accepted as a scientific observation. Nil is an illusionist puzzle game created by the swiss artist Nadya Suvorova and inspired by that story. Exploring various paths along the enigmatic river map of Mars, the player discovers its real landscapes. At each level,the goal is to reconnect the channels by tilting the device in the right direction.

Project presented with the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council, and the Consulate General of Switzerland in Lyon.

Nil - Nadya Suvorova - Installation - Mirage Festival