The festival

First event dedicated to digital cultures in Lyon, Mirage Festival has been investigating the links between artistic creation and technologies for more than seven years.

In order to showcase the richness and diversity of this contemporary creation nourished by technologies, the festival offers a unique format built around three interrelated building blocks : an exhibition, a series of performances and a reflective lab, the Mirage Creative+.

Mirage Festival provides sessions of experimentation and transmission of knowledge. Collaborative formats (hackathons, workshops, open-camp etc.) are proposed in order to stimulate creativity and foster the emergence of new ideas and practices. The festival inaugurated in 2018 a collaborative R&D program bringing together companies and artists (in partnership with Erasme, the open innovation laboratory of the Metropole de Lyon and Tubà).

Today, Mirage Festival also produces artworks, installations, exhibitions for companies, communities, institutions and has become an essential meeting in Lyon on all innovative artistic practice.

During this eighth edition, the Mirage Festival is continuing its active involvement within UNESCO’s network of creative cities of “digital art” by offering a representation of the cities of Braga, Linz, Toronto and York.

Mirage Festival - 8th edition - Cosmogony