Interactive show

Les Subsistances
Sat. 14 — 5:00pm, 7:00pm
Sun. 15 — 3:00pm, 5:00pm
Mathilde Gentil, GOSH Cie


Theatre performance & video game. Loosely based on the novel Solar Lottery by Philip K. Dick.

We discover our world in 2103: the social system and political regime operate by means of a lottery characterised by inequality, trickery and manipulation. In this society where everything is chosen at random and which is governed by the “principle of Minimax” everyone is seeking to establish the best possible strategy to remain in the system. The leader selected at random not only has to take on his new political responsibilities but also face up to the mercenary appointed by the system to get rid of him. Changeovers of power have become a highly publicised national sport where no holds are barred…

But if the game is rigged, isn’t it better to cheat?

Duration: 1h10
From 12 years old.

Creation, script and staging: M. Gentil. Scenography & costumes: L. Douet-Sinenberg. Development on minitel: C. Oriol. Live music: Vendôme Uhl. Video: B. Carré. Sound: C. Carboni. Lighting: L. Valle. With: R. Pichard and M. Robinet-Sapin.

Coproduction les SUBS, lieu vivant d’expériences artistiques, Lyon

With the support of CNC-Dicréam National centre for cinema and the moving image, and AADN  Lyon-based association dedicated to digital art and culture, as part of the “Scènes hybrides” scheme.

MiniMax - Gosh Cie - Digital Theater - Mirage Festival