De manière prospective, la programmation de cette septième édition propose de s’interroger sur l’avenir de l’Homme face aux conséquences du progrès. Les artistes, confrontés aux turbulences écologiques, technologiques et sociétales qu’a engendré cette croissance effrénée, font aujourd’hui face à l’urgence de repenser notre empreinte au monde.

À l’heure de l’anthropocène, de l’hyperconnexion et du règne annoncé (à tort) de l’intelligence artificielle, les invités de cette septième édition nous proposent un voyage artistique dans un avenir proche, qu’il soit utopique ou dystopique, à la croisée de la science, des technologies, de la science-fiction ou encore des sciences humaines.

Mankind and its future faced with the consequences of progress.

What are the prospects for future generations in this Anthropocene epoch marked by hyperconnectivity, artificial intelligence and its numerous promises?

Through our actions, inventions and innovations, we humans are constantly leaving a lasting footprint on our planet. While our activity sometimes leads to progress, at other times it causes disasters as it is conducted irrationally, without really realising the consequences. Today, progress often seems to go hand in hand with environmental damage and social setbacks rather than prosperity and modernity. With this in mind, should we listen to those who think we should prepare for the worst or, on the contrary, should we consider this crisis as a chance to finally contemplate a paradigm shift, to rewrite the scenarios that are opening up before us and to reinvent our options?