Virtual reality

Les Subsistances
Thu. 12 — Sun. 15, 2:00pm — 7:00pm
Momoko Seto


In a world in ruins, only fungi and mold grow among gigantic carcasses of dried-out insects. A meteorological change takes place as rain irrigates the barren planet, progressively flooding it. A new ecosystem grows in the water, in which giant carnivorous tadpoles thrive. Plunged into an arid, then aquatic, space, Planet∞ offers viewers the chance to enjoy an amazing multi-spatial and timeless experience.

Duration: 7 minutes
Coproduction: ARTE, AWKEYE. With the support of the News Medias of CNC. International selling : MK2

Planet - VR - Momoko Seto - Mirage Festival
Robert Müller
Christophe Merkle


Nachtspiel is an experimental short film that aims to explore the spatial possibilities of image and sound in 360° film. Burning fuses and fire effects meet sounds and rhythms of the musician and composer Fritz Hauser. Composed sounds follow the random real tones of the fireworks, contrasting, caricaturing or combining into a symbiosis, where it is no longer clear when real sounds stop and compositions or musical interludes begin.

Duration: 10 minutes
Production: Zeitraum Film GmbH

Nachtspiel - VR - Robert Müller & Christophe Merkle - Mirage Festival
Joaquina Salgado


Fluido.obj is an immersive VR experience that invites the viewer to float over landscapes of emotions. A beach at the bottom of the ocean, an electrical tunnel that turns and shines, a surreal mushroom forest. While traveling between virtual waterfalls, light structures and electronic sounds, users can also modify the aesthetics of their surroundings.

Duration: 4min
Sound design and spatialization: Ramiro Plano

Fluido.obj - VR - Joaquina Salgado - Mirage Festival
Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff
Jürgen Hansen


Experience Thomas Pesquet’s space adventure at 360° and accompany the French astronaut as he ventures out into space thanks to the first images shot in space in virtual reality.

Duration: 5 minutes

Music: G. Peret. Image : D. Lafin. Sound : H. Kamrani. Mounting : M. Beucher. Production : La Vingt-Cinquième Heure, Prospect TV, France Télévision, DV Group. Distribution  : La Vingt-Cinquième Heure Distribution. With : T. Pesquet, P. Whitson, O. Novitskiy

Cosmorider - VR - Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff & Jürgen Hansen - Mirage Festival
Alfatih Al Zouabi


Base is a speculative fashion house designed to clothe the digital avatars we will embody in the near future. The pieces were presented in a 360 VR show, as if worn by walking models at different scales, although the bodies aren’t visible. This leaves a place to interpretation on the nature of the bodies and puts the emphasis on the garments.

Duration: 2 minutes

Project proposed by the Bachelor Media et Interaction Design of ECAL (CH), professor: Sami Benhadj.

Base - VR - Alfatih Al Zouabi - Mirage Festival
Kylan Luginbühl


Quantum is a music VR journey through the eye of a human body that let the spectator travel between differents surreal environements.

Duration: 2 minutes
Project proposed by the Bachelor Media et Interaction Design of ECAL (CH), professor: Sami Benhadj.

Quantum - VR - Kylan Luginbühl - Mirage Festival
Adrien Kaeser

Poetic Playground

Poetic Playground is a cosmic trip through a poetic universe, an encounter with nature and the creatures of night. This video meanders through a world in which you are the center, bringing you into a deep meditative state. The hills are smoking on the horizon, and somewhere in a midst of snowflakes, the journey ends.

Duration: 2 minutes
Project proposed by the Bachelor Media et Interaction Design of ECAL (CH), professor: Sami Benhadj.

Poetic Playground - VR - Adrien Kaeser - Mirage Festival
Antoine Barras
Ivan Chestopaloff
Basile Fournier


In Moonshine, the quest for the mask of the absolute knowledge makes us travel through galaxies and their fantasies.

Duration: 3 minutes
Project proposed by the Bachelor Media et Interaction Design of ECAL (CH), professor: Sami Benhadj.

Moonshine - VR - Antoine Barras - Ivan Chestopaloff - Basile Fournier - Mirage Festival


Malgré la fin anticipée de la 8e édition du Mirage Festival, nous remercions chaleureusement toutes les personnes et structures qui y ont été impliquées ainsi que toutes celles et ceux qui nous ont rendu visite avant son annulation.

Merci donc aux artistes et aux écoles partenaires pour leur participation aux expositions et aux intervenants du Mirage Creative+.
Merci également aux artistes programmés dont les performances ont été annulées.
Merci aux bénévoles et aux médiateur(rice)s pour leur aide et leur temps précieux.
Merci aux technicien(ne)s et à toutes les équipes pour leur travail sans relâche.
Merci à nos partenaires, financiers et opérationnels, pour leur confiance.
Merci aux Subs et à Grrrnd Zero pour leur accueil et leur collaboration.

Enfin, merci à vous tous, que ce soit par votre présence aux différents programmes qui ont pu se tenir ou par vos mots et actions de soutien !

Toute l’équipe du festival tient aussi à exprimer sa solidarité envers le personnel soignant, les personnes impliquées dans la lutte contre l’épidémie et les proches des victimes.

En attendant la suite et nos prochaines actualités, restez chez vous et prenez soin de vous et de vos proches.